Where focus goes, Energy Flows

“ Where focus goes energy flows “

A very famous quote by Tony Robbins, my hero might I add. Just take a moment to actually think about what that means, “ where focus goes energy flows”

Wherever we focus our mind, our attention and energy is what we receive, very simplistic, but true.

If we focus on the negative, we get negative things, if we focus on the positive, we tend to start seeing/creating positive things in our lives.

Now…. I aren’t just a positive thinker, I used to be Mr positive, and don’t get me wrong I am extremely positive and hopeful, however there is some science behind what I think now. What i think is we must have a positive outlook on life, ABSOLUTELY YES, but we must also understand where we are currently and what is going on. 

Another famous quote by the man himself is “ See life as it is, but not worse than it is…. See it better than it is, get a vision for what you want…. And then make it the way you want “

Have you ever had something go wrong, and you have spent time moaning and groaning about the result, for them something else to go wrong, which continues throughout the day until you snap out of it? I bet you have, I know I have, it happens to all of us.

Without going too deep on you, the reticular activating system is like a magnet for our life, it will literally attract what we think about and what we say out loud.

Check out a little more on RAS here – https://medium.com/desk-of-van-schneider/if-you-want-it-you-might-get-it-the-reticular-activating-system-explained-761b6ac14e53

That’s why people who say they have no money and complain all the time……… Guess what, they never have any money!

When used properly it filters out all the crap it doesn’t think it needs, however when we use it in the negative it filters out the potential good and gives us more of the crap we keep asking for!

I aren’t saying that the RAS will do everything for you, however if you start picturing/visualising what you want, the RAS will start to help you on the way to get there. 

Answer this for me if you would, have you ever bought a new car, a new shirt, or phone for example and you thought it was unique because you hadn’t seen anyone else with the item…………. As soon as you notice that you like it, buy and then use/wear it……… every person in the world has it too.

That is the power of the RAS and how it can be used, so where focus goes energy flows, Are you starting to see? Wherever you focus your energy, you start to see results.

You can use this in all aspects of your life, your health, wealth, relationships, your career, business, your personal growth etc. 


I am really talking from the heart now, and when I look back at my success and my learnings, the success has come from my energy and focus, and so have the learnings too. When I look at what has gone really well, it’s because I focused my energy 100%, and learning how to control my focus comes down to passion and purpose. Why am I doing what I am doing, what is the result I want and what will it mean to me when I succeed.

This is an area many people fall short including myself at times, when I aren’t fully aligned with my passion and purpose, I often don’t give the task the energy it rightly deserves, therefore resulting in a failure or as I like to describe it learning.

Finding your why and really understanding the reason you are doing something is like the lighter fluid to a goal, it will fire you up when times get hard, it will provide you with the energy when you can’t go any more and it will give you the joy of really succeeding at something.

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