Firstly… Thank you for making your way here!

Secondly welcome to the start of your Private High Performance 1:1 Coaching experience.

Working with a coach is a big thing, I know, I have done it multiple times and when I started with my first coach, I knew something had to change as I couldn’t carry on doing what I was doing, being underpaid, overworked and stressed to the max helping create someone else’s dream.


Within my first session, we had a clear plan of what the next 12-months would look like for me, and that’s why I am here today, in the fortunate position of being able to help you, live life on your terms!

I am not here to sell you a coaching package,  I am here to help you to start living life on your terms and help you get the results that you want.

So instead of me telling you how great things are, I thought it would be better if I tell who the Private 1:1 High-Performance Coaching is for:

High Performance 1:1 Coaching IS for:

  • Highly motivated individuals who want to take control of their life
  • People willing to invest time, energy and money in themselves
  • People who are looking to create or grow a business
  • Individuals who want to create more time in their life and live life on their terms
  • People who know their business can grow and are willing to make that happen
  • People who value themselves and want to create a bigger impact around the world.

High-Performance 1:1 Coaching is NOT for:

  • People who blame others about their failures
  • People who are not willing to work towards a result
  • People who are not looking to create or grow a business
  • Individuals just want the money and not interested in creating an impact

If you think that you are a good fit for the High-Performance 1:1 Coaching, then apply below for a quick 15-minute strategy call where we will map out what your next 12 months look like.

If we feel that we can help you on your journey, we will then walk you through what a coaching programme with Chris Fawcett Coaching would be like. It’s really simple and even if it isn’t the right fit this time, you will leave with some amazing insights of how you can move forward with your life.