Business & NLP Mindset Coaching for New Coaches

Thank you for making the decision to really take your life & your coaching business to the next level.

With me, you’re going to gain the skills you want to kick start your coaching business, but more importantly, you are going to gain the Clarity, Self-Belief, and Confidence to take the action you need to really make your coaching business a success.

Clarity, Self-Belief & Confidence are the 3 areas we all seem to struggle with, even as coaches, it’s as if we should have it all, but we often don’t and that makes us feel even worse!


So if you know there is more out there for you, you want to feel more confident about your offerings, and want to be able to comfortably sell your coaching packages to your clients with the belief that you can not only help them, but help them at the highest level.


Let me tell you who my coaching is for:

  • Highly motivated individuals who want to take control of their life
  • New coaches willing to invest time, energy and money in themselves
  • Individuals who are looking to start their coaching business
  • Certified coaches who want to launch their business & leave corporate behind
  • Coaches who are just starting out and need complete business support
  • New coaches who feel they’re lacking in the business department, but are ready to take action
  • Coaches who want to create a bigger impact around the world & change lives at the same time

And I want to be clear, it’s going to get tough, there will be hard times, there maybe times you want to quit or go back to your old safe job, however once you work through the challenges……. Life changes for you!

So coaching with me is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to put the work in
  • You want it all given to you
  • And you just want to make money, and not interested in helping create a wider impact

I can’t imagine that’s you so if you are a coach or wanting to be one, and you are willing to invest time, energy, money in yourself to create a business that help others people change their lives then apply for a quick call below.