How to Build a Champion Mindset

How to Build a MINDSET of a champion through covid-19

Wow, where do I start, this year has been a roller coaster of emotions, events, and challenges. What I have taken from this year is that it has allowed us all to learn, grow and develop!

I wonder. What’s been your best part of this year?

2020 has been the year of ups, downs, zig and zags and I hope that it has taught you a thing or two about your life, whether that be your personal or your professional life.
I know I have learned so many things about myself, business, coaching and my mental health.


So what is your Mindset – I believe that MINDSET is basically your attitude and thoughts towards life….we aren’t designed and created with a mindset. 

It is forged and built through our life experiences and actions, but most importantly how we think about situations and what we do with that thought.

So that sounds like a mouthful, however, our mindset is the key to life, and unfortunately, many of us don’t take our mindset seriously enough. 

I know for a fact that and the first 27 years of my life I wasn’t taking it seriously. And I am sure if you are reading this then there are areas of your mindset that need some work… And that’s okay!  

What we need to do now is identify what area of your mindset that needs work and work on it. So, right off the bat do you think you have a scarcity mindset, an abundant mindset, do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Well, the chances are like anyone you will have a mix of all 4, as we all do. The important thing is, is identifying the fixed and scarcity areas of our life and what we can start doing to overcome that.


As an example I used to search high and low to find the best value supplements, I would search every day to save an extra 5%, bearing in mind my coaching business wasn’t where I wanted it, I wasn’t earning what I wanted, I didn’t have the clients that I wanted and I wasn’t charging my worth.

So why you ask, was I trying to save an extra 5% when I could have been building my business and charging my worth…

Because I had a scarcity mindset around money; until I realised what I was doing I was blissfully unaware of trying to save a tenner! Now I order protein and supplements when I need, ideally at a good cost as there is usually a saving of 30% anyway, and when I need them. So now I have control of my time, I can focus on helping clients gain better results and not worrying about collagen protein at 30% or 40% off.

The way I do this is through using Tony Robbins Special – Incantations, they are a powerful mantra/statement that you ingrain into your central nervous system. My time incantation is “ My time is extremely valuable and I value it “ I have ingrained this in my mind and I am now in control of time and I value it much more” No one has died because I am not searching the web for better-priced protein, I feel much better about my finances, my time and my business improving because I am focusing my energy on areas that can improve my life not restrict.

Check out Tony Robbins Incantations here

This may sound really simple and silly almost, but until you find yourself being aware of these areas you cannot make a change towards becoming more abundant. 

So I challenge you to review yourself over the next week to catch yourself doing certain things whether it’s about time, money, health, personal growth, wealth, relationships, and think when you have said something………. 

How is this affecting my mindset and the way I look at life?



Also, check this out, this little quiz to help you uncover your mindset and help you start working on it so that you can start creating the life you want and start living life on your terms. 

What would that mean to you, if you started working on your mindset, what kind of life could it start to provide you with? 

Link to the quiz is here, check it out when you have now!

This quiz is to see where you are in your journey, and whatever the result, don’t be mad or upset, just know that there is always a way out of this and you can change. 

If your MINDSET is “ on point “ then ask yourself what else can I do or can I change up to create an even stronger mindset?

So what can you do to start creating a MINDSET of champions so that you finish 2020 strong and hit 2021 like 2020 never happened?

Top Tips for Building a Champion Mindset

  1. Introduce a morning routine – even if it’s fifteen minutes – 5 mins HIIT, 5 mins gratitude and 5 mins journal/planning
  2. Challenge yourself to a run, it sounds crazy but running is single-handedly one of the most challenging experiences there is when you haven’t done it in a while or ever – it may not be very pleasant at first but you will find things out about yourself you never knew. Even if its 100 yards on 100 off, or running past the torrid 10km mark; you will learn to push yourself which in turn will help you push yourself in other aspects of life
  3. An “ Attitude of Gratitude “ Sounds cheesy but it will transform your life – check out Tony Robbins Priming –
  4. See every failure as a learning opportunity – Write a list of things you may have failed at – review what you can learn from them and start taking action to learn, grow and develop.
  5. Improve by 1% a day at something – in a year you will be 36.5 % better at life in a year…….. And I guarantee you can improve more than 1% a day!
  6. Get a coach, who can help you with all of that and much more……….We would love if that was with us, however if not having a coach will transform your quality of life 10x fold. If you would like a chat with us about how we can help you start living life on your terms, then hit the link below and apply for a quick 15-minute call.

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